About Us

Enginnovation provides equipment, engineering and construction of complete agri-food installation on turn-key basis. Our expertise runs through different kind of installations such as flour milling, pasta, coffee and fodder. Assembly, commissioning and maintenance services are also significant part of our commitment, along with after sale assistance and spare parts rush supply.

Over the last 13 years we have been realized a number of complete and innovative installations all over the world, through our production facility based in Italy Tecnomulipast.
Our skilled technical team, high quality manufacturing and experience in the construction and maintenance of installations are the keys of our success, as well a special care for each of our clients. This way allowed our business to gain the confidence of important companies in the field. Most of our clients are main players on international market.
The turnover is continuously raising and in 2013 it turnover was $4,2M. At the moment our employees are 40 but this number is going to increase rapidly, due to positive market trend. Starting from 2014 Enginnovation has been based in Sydney-NSW in order make available our expertise to market players of south-west pacific area.