Product Range


Any type of vertical/horizontal silos in concrete or steel for industrial, trade and port services with different types of mechanical conveyors.

A complete milling installation include also: 

  • pneumatic transport of powders/granules (flour, bran, germ, dried sludge, etc...),
  • gravity pipelines,
  • screw conveyor,
  • chain conveyor,
  • bucket elevator, 
  • vibro-feeder,
  • equipment specifically designed.


The range of equipment for product transportation and logistics includes:

  • range of bag filters,
  • range of air intake absolute filters,
  • range of bins (screw or chain bottom) ,
  • range of cyclone,
  • range of automatic and manual operated valves for powder/granulate.

All above mentioned are non-massive production. Actually, this manufacturing is tailored every time on customer need and technical material specification. 


Our main equipment range includes: 

  • Rollermill inox
  • Stainless steel double-high rollermill
  • Modular plansifter
  • plansifter
  • Stainless steel purifier inox
  • Centrifugal impactor
  • Centrifugal impactor inox
  • Rotary detacher
  • Rotary detacher inox
  • Polygonal bran finisher
  • Vibro finisher
  • Vibro finisher inox
  • Single channel square plansifter
  • Single channel plansifter inox
  • Infestation destroyer
  • Miling unit

In particular, range of process equipment for maize includes the following:

  • Impact degerminator
  • Star degerminator
  • Conical degerminator
  • Turbosifter
  • Flaking rollermill
  • Flaking rollermill
  • Vertical steam hoven
  • Dryer for flakes
  • Miller unit 

The whole range can be realized also in stainless steel, in order to face the strictest sanitation norms.

Flour Blanding systems are also available in order to helpg customers finding new opportunities.

Grain pre-cleaning and cleaning phases are fundamental to obtain the best final product. For this reason Enginnovation provides you with the following range of equipment:

  • Precleaning rotary separator
  • Volume measurer
  • Dosing airlock
  • Magnet separator
  • Rotary separator
  • Vibrating aspirator
  • Air recirculating aspirator
  • Classifier aspirator
  • Air recirculating classifier aspirator
  • Dry stoner
  • Classtoner
  • Cylinder separator unit
  • Intensive scourer
  • Vertical intensive dampening mixer
  • Intensive dampening unit
  • Atomizing unit
  • Automatic intensive dampening unit
  • Controlled intensive dampening unit
  • Conical turbo-aspirator
  • Conical turbo-aspirator inoxline
  • Gravity separator
  • Turbosifter
  • Vertical debranner
  • Color sorter